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DrugRebels educates young adults about drugs, equips them to make an informed choice, and enables more people to opt out of drugs.

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Listen to our DrugRebels Podcast Unge og Rusmidler here!

Could you use some input and good advice on how to deal with alcohol, partying and drugs? Are you the parent of a teenager and would you like to create a safe space where you can open a dialogue with your teenager about about alcohol, city life and drugs? – Then this Podcast is just for you!

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A DrugRebels ROADSHOW is a preventive and interactive presentation. The ROADSHOW provides students with relevant information about alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs by presenting them with medical facts and personal stories.

“DrugRebels ROADSHOW was an incredible experience. It was with folded arms and a slight resistance towards the subject that I showed up at school. But I will promise you, that the resistance and the parades away quickly”

Helle Larsen, parent
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Facts about drugs

As a parent, friend or relative, you may be in doubt as to which signs you should be aware of and which drugs and substance that flourishes in the teen’s environment. Learn more about the different drugs and what characterizes them.

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For parents

As a parent, you have the opportunity to ensure that more young people opt out drugs. We offer a ROADSHOW just for parents that offer you an insight into the lives of teenagers and the temptation that they might encounter in the nightlife.

“Fundamentally, I think it is important to tackle the taboo about drugs among young people. DrugRebels are making a fantastic effort to do just that, by informing about the factual aspects and at the same time facilitating a dialogue about what we, as parents, can do about it.”

Christian Grandjean, parent to a teenage boy
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Help support us

Would you like to support us? By supporting DrugRebels you help us reach out to parents and teenagers across the country, where we help and motive the teenagers to make conscious choices based on an enlightened and well-informed grounds – and wee help parents with the tools they need to have the difficult conversations with their children. It is also possible for you to help and support DrugRebels by becoming a volunteer, where you as an important member of our team travel across the country with our ROADSHOW. Send us an email at info@drugrebels.dk if you want to hear more about volunteering at DrugRebels. Read more about how you otherwise can support DrugRebels.

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