DrugRebels' vision is to enable more people to opt out of drugs. We provide information at eye level and insight into the consequences alcohol and drugs can cause.

What is a ROADSHOW?

A DrugRebels ROADSHOW is a preventive and interactive presentation. The ROADSHOW provides students with relevant information about alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs by presenting them with medical facts and personal stories. With professional knowledge and personal stories, the ambition is to inform and inspire teenagers to make conscious choices in relation to alcohol and drugs. We inform about drugs and the consequences because we want more people to opt out drugs. We also have ROADSHOWS for parents, where a parent of an ex-addict will tell his/her story.

On this page, you can read more about our ROADSHOW and how it proceeds and, last but not least, hear what the teenagers have to say about our ROADSHOW.

Content of the Roadshow

In our DrugRebels ROADSHOW we touch upon the important topics that promote the consequences of the use of alcohol and drugs. This will give students an insight into the consequences and give them the opportunity to opt out drugs.

The conferee

Our conferee motivates and inspires everyone to make a conscious choice. We talk about what it means to be a good friend and what you can do for your friends.

The doctor

Our doctor teaches the student about medical facts and provides them with relevant information about alcohol and drugs and their effects on the body and mind.

The ex-addict

Our ex-addict will tell his/her story about a life on the edge and about the consequences the addiction has had and still has on his/her life.

Our parent ROADSHOW

At our parent ROADSHOW you will meet all the above, but you will also me a parent who know what thoughts and worries you as a parent are dealing with, as he/she has personally experienced it.

Who do we address?

DrugRebels visit elementary schools, high schools, and other youth education throughout the country. The ROADSHOW is held during school hours and is adapted to the target group, except for our parent show which will be held in the evening hours.

Public schools

1,5 hours

Youth education

1,5 hours

Parent show

2 hours

What do the teenagers say about the Roadshow?


If you have any questions or would like to book a ROADSHOW, do not hessite to contact us.